As the Second World Champion of Chess survived thanks to poker

Emanuel Lasker is an epochal person in the world of sports. The second champion of the planet from chess. The title German kept 27 years old! But after the defeat of the cap and loss of the throne, Lasker earned another sport – Poker.

Emanuel Lasker is a prominent mathematician and philosopher. And the greatest success he has achieved in sports. In 1894, the German defeated the first official world champion of Austrian Chess Wilhem Steinitz and took away the title from him.

On the throne Emanuel stayed for almost 27 years, which is a record result in history. In 1921, Jose Raul Kapablanka was able to take a chess crown from Lasker, beat him in the match for the throne.

In difficult times after the First World War, Emanuel, whose star time was already behind, was not easy. A stable source of earnings he had no. German retrained from chess player at Cartard. He played poker almost every night. More than even played the role of a poker referee. It was Lasker who made the final decision in all sorts of contradictory situations. His word was authoritative.

Emanuel Lasker wrote a book "Cartard Strategy". In it, the author, based on the theory of probability, formed the probability in poker, breeze and other Kartyar Games.