Charlotte van Brabander is a hot beauty that will destroy you both in king and in a match with Counter-Strike

Since then the flow of players between disciplines has only increased. In particular, not so long ago we told you about the Ukrainian Master of the game in Dota2 Ilya Korobkin, which is increasingly appearing in prominent poker events.

Another bright heroine of cyber -sports battles who decided to try herself in poker – Charlotte van Brabander. Belgiyka fascinated at the school age of Counter-Strike and was able to become a real master in this discipline. Participation in the largest international tournaments, advertising contracts with large IT companies made a star from Charlotte.

But this Belgiyka did not stop and in 2011 began to realize herself in the king. For less than a year, she achieved the first prominent success in the offline-finished 69th on Main Event Ept in Berlin. It brought her $ 14,000. Since then, Charlotte appears on small tournaments and periodically falls into prizes.

Her career earnings in living competitions reached almost $ 70,000. And this, given the fact that Van Brabander plays, for the most part, inexpensive tournaments – a good amount. Besides, Charlotte does not manifest itself and in an online cover. And, after all, the main success of the 31-year-old Belgiya is still precisely ahead.