How to become a millionaire without working a day in life

At the same time, unlike other stars of his caliber, Trueteller’s life is not known at all, because Timothy is carefully avoiding publicity. However, recently the successful poker-pro still shared several details of his biography in an interview with Paul Phua Poker YouTube channel.

Timothy’s childhood passed in a place that seemingly cannot have anything to do with a professional poker – in Siberia.

People there are nice and nature is good so that growing there was cool. In the city where I lived there were no factories or factories, so the air was clean. It was essentially a city in the woods. So everywhere there were trees. I literally went to school through the forest.

Kuznetsov participated in the International Mathematics Olympiads at the Kuznetsov school, so it was this area that chose for higher education that has been chosen.

I didn’t know what I would do. I thought it may be something in the field of exchange trading, hedge funds, something in this spirit. I participated in consulting competitions from KPMG and McKinsey. It was not bad so thought to get up to work for work.

However, later in life Timothy appeared poker.

In the second year of the university I started playing poker and I had a good time. So I quickly decided that there would be no more "Ordinary career", Instead I will develop in the poison. My friend played poker and won somewhere $ 7,000 in a few months and I thought it was quite cool. I always liked games and a competitive spirit. And here you can win a lot of money, so I decided to try.

Kuznetsov confesses that he immediately set himself the goal of becoming a millionaire thanks to poker and he succeeded quite quickly. So now he declares with unconcealed pride:

I have never had a job. I didn’t work a single day in my life in a classic sense.

The full version of Timothy Kuznetsov’s interview in English can be seen here: