PokerMatch Svetarik: Year of Bright Victory and Airies

Svetlana quickly mastered a new role for herself and each new stream gathered at the screens more and more viewers. They are attracted by the sincerity and openness of the fabric and the wonderful atmosphere that prevails in it on air.

Svetlana has shown herself and in the poker! She added well in the game in the past year. And despite the fact that its main specialization is Cash, Svetarik is quite successful in the tournaments. Recently, she won one of PokerMatch tournaments, ahead of all competitors and picking up a bounty in Sunday Pko Champions! During the February evening our poterist earned more than 50,000 hryvnias!

Are in Svetlana achievements and in Live-Events. Last summer, in her first career in a live series in Madrid, she was able to get into the Main Event prizes, and on the largest Ukrainian series of Pokermatch UA Millions in her asset already there are many distant aisles in the prize zones. The shooting room was also marked at the final selection table for a national team of sports poker, where she finally took sixth place.

Memorial moments and unforgettable emotions from the Svetarik see our video:

To greet Svetlana on the anniversary and talk to her on any topics you can already today. At 8:00 pm on the PokerMatch Twitch channel will start a festive stream in which Svetarik will fight for winning the pokermatch Million tournament and giving gifts to viewers! Join!