The distorted scandal requires $ 300,000 in moral compensation

Recall Mike suspected of "Too good game" During the tournament that was broadcast live. The investigation could not prove that he was conspiracy with someone of the casino workers, who probably reported the postlu map that would now fall on the table. As a result Mike was justified and his accomplice did not even lose his job.

Such a court decision has been angered by the lion’s part of the poker community. Many people continued to publicly blame the American. He decided not going to listen to himself for free any abomination.

Mike will try to win another court case that consists of up to 165 points. There are many accused too. These are, in particular, Veronica Bril, Joe Ingram, Daniel Negrean, Dag Regiment, Phil Galfon and even several media outlets.

The greatest claims postl expresses Veronica Bril. She has accused the American of fraud from the outset. She continues to do so even after Mike won the case. Gets away from Veronica and the likely accomplice of the postla.

Interesting that Mike requires jury trial. Postle is sure that he has lost his reputation through defamation and now cannot provide himself. So requires financial compensation. But not $ 330 million that have been reported earlier and 300,000 "Bucks" Of all.