Sex Couching, Original outfits and Tver: Ebony Kenny is a new star of women’s poker

Ebony Kenny is a professional poterist with almost 20 years of experience. For the first time arrived at one of the most popular Hayroler’s series of Triton Poker Cyprus, the fabric attracted attention for many reasons.

Ebony Kenny has long played poker, successfully combining it with work on television and modeling business. The first dresskeys in the offline (over $ 17,000) she issued in 2010 at Isle Open Poker Championship series.

For a long time the girl was not widely known until in 2019 she started to shoot on her Twich channel ebonykenny, where there are 12,000 subscribers now. On the Strams she drinks wine, gives compliments and a lot of joking. With Ebony Kenny regularly earns by chill. By mid -2020 she managed to accumulate over $ 1,000,000 in prize. However, the real success and popularity of the girl earned during the September series Triton Poker Cyprus.

Records on Triton Poker Cyprus

A week before the start of the series in Cyprus, the organizers reported that in the most expensive event for $ 200,000 Coin Riveet Invitational. He, as a businessman, invited her to a closed tournament as a poker professional.

Ebony Kenny at Triton Poker / Triton-Series

Already here Ebony became the first woman in the history of Triton Poker Series, who received an invitation to a similar tournament. But her records were not limited to. In the first tournament of the series with Bay-in $ 25,000 Kenni got at the final table. So she also became the first woman in history to reach the finale in the Triton Poker Ivant. It turned out that among the things that helped her adjust to the game sudden.

I persistently recommend pokerists to harden. It’s not a joke, after the first game day of the tournament, I staged a truth-screw with my chips just in casino. Dancing, including those that help to relax and get a positive charge, – Kennie admitted Ebony.

After success in the first tournament, the woman did not fall into Triton Poker’s prizes but later went out to the finale again. In the same coolest Coin Riveet Invitational Series with Bay-in $ 200,000. Kenny took 5th place for which she received an incredible prize – $ 1,700,000.

Ebony Kenny after departure from the tournament says goodbye to Fyodor Holtz / Photo of

This is the biggest amount once won by a woman on Triton Poker and absolute bestcade in Ebony Kenny’s career. In addition, the second largest payment for women in a living tournament in the history of poker. Record owned by Annette Western – 2 013 733 Dollars for Victory in Main Event WSOP EUROPE 2007.

Ebony’s unusual hobbies

Although the winner of Coin Rivet Invitational became British Sam Grafton, it was the girl who took all the attention and glory of this tournament. Many poker-protes marked the quality of her game and the positive impression that Ebony made on the world poker community.

Ebony Kenny is still interesting and what is a professional coaching of women in forming self -confidence and gaining joy from life. She is also often called sex coach because she openly discusses in media sex, relationships and helps women in these matters.

Ebony Kenny / Photo from her Twitter

The poterist even wrote a book on this topic: "How to become a cool woman: 8 bold steps that you can take right now". Once she led Spotify and blog with tips on YouTube, but stopped doing it through poker.

Kenny’s Instagram continues to actively give advice to his subscribers. His photos of varying degrees of frankness of the poterist complements the deep thoughts that are reduced to one: no matter how your life consists of, you need to remain grateful, try to be happy and convey this happiness to others.