Estonian Grasmaster rubbed his nose by poker Hirolers and won 286 thousand dollars

A new sport successfully mastered the Estonian Grasmaster Ottoman Ladva. The four -time Estonia champion of chess has replenished its track record with another prestigious poker trophy.

Ladva is not the first to participate in the Super Millions online tournament, where bay-in costs $ 10,300, and victory is estimated. Schedules before the final segment of the event, as Chip Cyunt showed, was credited to Ottoman in the list of major favorites for victory.

It was Estonian who began the fight at the final table in the status of Chip Leader. Star Hiroler Arthur Martirosyan was considered the main rival. In the end, it was the Estonian with the Russian who played in the hedz-opa.

Ottoman Ladva at the poker table /

The fate of the title was decided by a bad bluff performed. Unsoming with the board, Arthur put three barrels from 9-Hi, the last under Ol-in opponent. Estonets two pairs – ace/five – to throw out not going.

In the Russian, after all, only 4 big blinds left and the fantastic cabec did not take place. Ottomar Ladva, so he triumphantly triumphant in Super Millions, this time the win of the Estonian was estimated at $ 286.8 thousand.