A poker fraudster wants to judge $ 330 million but lawyers refuse to help him

We will remind, in 2019 the Americans were accused of fraud during a poker tournament, which was also broadcast live.

The lion’s part of the poker community has no doubt that Mike really played not honestly. Looked he knows exactly what cards will now fall on the table. In the end, the investigation accused the post of collusion with one of the casino workers.

But the law enforcement officers could not prove it, so Mike and his accomplice came out dry from the water, concluding a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs.

Still, the accusations of the American continued to be heard, so he decided to close his company critics and filed a frantic claim for a total amount. However, at the end of 2020, the media got information that Mike’s lawyers refused to work with him.

All because the postl filed a counterclaim in California – "Golden state" has one of the most processed and objective laws on the protection of freedom of speech. The chip of this law is to protect people’s right to freedom of expression, especially in cases where someone tries to intimidate and make the shutdown of critics.

Mike not only chose the worst place in the US for his claims, but also actually became a non-grata person for good lawyers. One of his former lawyers refused to cooperate because of "Lack of communication" with the postl. Thus the formulation lawyers in the United States tell each other that the client was not honest.

Now it is left to wait or there is a brave man who will stand up for Mike’s defense.