The pake from the UK won $ 5,500,000 in the Coin Rivet Invitation Tournament

Ended the most interesting tournament this year within the Triton Poker series lasting in Cyprus. The organizers of the festival brought together professionals and businessmen in the poker event of a unique format with bay-in $ 200,000.

The Coin Rivet Invitational Tournament could only be hit by a special invitation. The composition of the participants was formed as follows: the organizers of the series invited businessmen, and those in turn called one professional player. Thus, a ratio of 50 to 50 between professionals and rich amateurs was formed.

In general, poker "rich" made 115 entrances (including 25 re-entra). A prize fund was $ 23,000,000. The third tournament was determined by the champion. He became a representative of a team of professionals Sam Grafton.

At the final table with the Chiplidersky Stack (95 BB) came a French businessman Carl Shape-Hatien. He played in his pleasure, constantly pressed on opponents, closing the Alll-in Korotuns with weaker hands. In this way he managed to knock out 5 rivals at once. The first was injured by Tom Fogelsang, then the turn of Seth Davis and Finnish businessman Elias Talvita came.

Carl Shape-Hatien / Photo

In 6th place completed the tournament Alexei Ponyakov. A well -known Latvian professional launched a final with a stack of 11 BB, but successfully transferred three opponents and gave himself a birthday $ 1,350 000. Ponyakova "Removed" From the tournament another professional Fedor Holtz.

Incredible success in this event has reached an American shot Ebony Kenny, which was close to logging in the history of poker. Final 5th brought her $ 1,700,000. Kenny stopped in a step from setting a record with the greatest winning in living tournaments among women.

Ebony Kenny / Photo

In the top 4 French businessman Carl Shape-Hatien got rid of Fyodor Kholets and began to celebrate a little by drinking champagne. It turned out to be early. Shape-Hatien has doubled Sam Grafton several times, who finally waited for his time. In the last distribution of the British exhibited from AK against Q2 and knocked the Frenchman. For 3rd place Carl Shape-Hatien received $ 2,600,000.

Head-opa was played Sam Grafton and Linus ice. At the start of the great chiplider was Sam, but the Swiss won two all-in. In the decisive exhibition of A7 the British stood against K6 of Liliger. The main prize of $ 5,500,000 reached grafton, Ranner-AP received $ 3,900,000.

Triton Poker series on Cyprus continues. Today will take place 2nd day tournament Main Event Triton Cyprus with Bay-in $ 100,000. Leader Frenchman Jean-Noel Torel.