The first steps in the poker: how to find your own “crown” and earn

Eternal question that does not give rest to many generations of poterists. What to choose-the freedom and stability of the cache player or the popularity of the MTT professional, capable of radically changing his life in just one session?

Modern poker dictates its conditions, and now it is almost impossible to make a clear choice. An increasing amount of poker-pro understanding the need for a thorough theoretical preparation of the cache player, which, in turn, can be supplemented with tournament skills.

If ten years ago it was possible to specialize in something alone, then modern poresters cannot afford to miss the benefits of a particular discipline. Smart versatility is what we need to strive for an ambitious player. But what kind of poker is the most promising? Let’s try to weigh all "by" and "against" The most popular areas.

Texas Holdem

Texas Haldem is the most widespread type of poker whose rules are known in every corner of the planet. The game is conducted with two pocket and five common cards, which gather certain poker combinations. Haldem is so popular that it is impossible to find a live poker series or an online cut that would not have this discipline now.

However, the availability and prevalence of the game generates harsh competition, since it is the Haldem that is leading the number of professionals. Thousands of poterists have devoted a huge amount of time to his study, so the so -called entrance threshold for a newcomer here is higher than in the rest of the species.


Diability, accessibility, a large number of teaching materials freely.


Competition, high entry threshold for beginners.

Pot-Smith Omaha (Plo)

The main difference of the plot from the Haldem is that players receive not two but four cards on their hands. This feature makes Omah an incredibly exciting game because it does not have a clear distribution of starting hands into weak and strong. Each preflop-starter has a certain potential and the difference between conditionally strong and weak hand is negligible.

Omaha ranks second after a generally recognized leader and strengthens his positions every year. Recently, all the most expensive cache games are under the rules.

Oddly enough, the higher complexity compared to Holdm makes it extremely profitable for assimilation, since the poker market is experiencing a shortage of educational materials in this discipline. Any hardworking beginner can achieve considerable success by spending a comparable or even less time than Texas Holdem’s fans.


Popularity, a lot of expensive action, low entrance threshold for a newcomer.


Insufficient number of educational materials, difficulty in development, dispersion. Problems with the number of games in small online reums.

6+ Hold’em

6+ Hold’em, or poker with a short deck, is a relatively young discipline that rapidly gained popularity in all world sites. Its main difference from all familiar Holdem is the absence of maps from 2 to 5 and a little modified seniority of combinations. Yes, in the most popular version of 6+ Hold’em flash beats Ful Hous, and the combination of ace, 6, 7, 8, 9 is considered street. However, Asian rules are most commonly used in the largest living series, where Seth or Trips are older than Street and Flash beats Ful Hous.

Holdm with a short deck has been invented in China so no one surprises his dynamism. As in Omas, the high probability of obtaining a strong combination in the late streets leads to a fierce postflop-flood, and the amount of money invested in the bank reaches astronomical quantities.


A huge number of weak rivals, popularity that grows rapidly.


Dispersion, High Banrol Requirements.

Exotic disciplines

The so-called exotic disciplines include now almost forgotten species of poker, such as a thing, herd, Badugi, Kurshavael and other similar directions to them. Despite your exceptional unpopularity, in the largest poker rows you can still find lovers of unusual card discipline.

But all possible benefits are crossed out that rare species of poker cannot provide a poterist with a stable amount of action, so they remain the fate of a few enthusiasts.


Unexploration, weak rivals.


Lack of regular game.

Despite the fact that poker is the battle of vivid individuals and intelligence that does not involve a rigid framework, most beginner players have to pay attention to the most popular disciplines. The best option to start is to study the rules of unlimited Holdem and to develop a strong theoretical base, which is easy to impose the basics of other types of poker game.

Once the first steps are taken, you can proceed to study the Pot-Smith of Omaha, which is part of the mandatory "gentleman’s set" a professional player. Well, if you are attracted to exotic, then open the rules of the herd or Badugi and get non -standard poker skills!