Collective “Blind” Bet

Term "Ante" comes from Latin Ante (before, to something). So Ante’s game enters the start of distribution. In contrast to the blinds that only two players should put, Ante applies to each table participant. Ante’s cost is usually 4 or 8 times less than small blind. The main functions performed by Ante are the formation of a bank before the start of bidding and accelerating the game process.

Mainly Ante is used in varieties of poker where the blinds are missing at all. It’s about a 7-card herd, a 7-card herd hi-glove, a 5-card herd. Often in Ante’s offline is also used in the more popular Hold and Omassi Games. Obligatory "blind" The rate is introduced into the game at the late stage of the tournament.

Also recently in "alive" tournaments practiced play with Button Ante when the player is on "button" puts mandatory "blind" a pond at the entire table. Another variety – the same mission is forced to perform a player on a large blind.

As for online, Ante is present in most MTT games, and in some it has even more weight than blinds. It is ante-up tournaments when the required rate of each player is constantly growing and the blinds remain permanent.