The legendary poker-millionaire was forgotten on Twitch through swearing and threats-video

Always smiling, witty and positive Negrean is a real media face of modern poker. However, we all have the dark side and even "Kid Poker" no exception. "Dark" Daniel escaped as live on the popular Twitch platform has been playing his game on WSOP Online.

One of the audience in chat wrote something offensive to Daniel and Canadian released the beast:

Those who are familiar with English can evaluate the levels of non -Roman eloquence. If you remove the obscene moments, it turns out that Daniel suggested an Internetrole to meet in order to knock out the teeth and feed them in the same way.

Twich executives decided that a well -known poterist crossed the border and blocked his account. Like, cannot indulge in the propaganda of violence and so on. Daniel himself but not too upset. He does not feel guilty for his act. He though formally and apologized and did it in a very ironic style.

As for the stream, the Canadian just moved to other platforms. At the same time, and Twich is most likely an account Daniel soon unlocks, because a similar case for Negrean first.