Emotions go crazy: Negrean broke his camera after a merciless losing – video

WSOP was played the most expensive series tournament with Bay-in $ 250,000. A frantic struggle for a prize fund nearly $ 14,000,000 gave many bright moments and frustrations for star players.

In the Super High Rolller No-Limit Hold’E’em tournament, $ 250,000 was allowed 1 Recentri. Multiple players used this option, including Daniel Negrean. A total of 56 entrances were made, so that a prize fund was formed – $ 1,944,000.

Negrean in the backy

For Daniel Negrean this year’s series in Las Vegas-one of the most unsuccessful in his career. The winner of 6 WSOP bracelets has made 4 minor ITMs, but taking into account the active game in the series and spent $ 500,000 in this tourna.

During the second day of the Negrean Superherolery Tournament, he exposed from 10-10 against Q-10 David Peters. On the River in an opponent closed flash. Daniel did not hold back emotions. His chips flew all over the table, also affected the equipment with which he removes his video blog.

Karma Nick Petrandzhelo

Another well -known Nick Petrandzhelo player flew off on Babbib again. In May in Madrid, he flew on a straight tribal in a tournament with Bay-in 100,000 euros. A week and a half in Las Vegas on WSOP Petrandzhelo caught a direct Babible as well in Ivant for $ 100,000.

Now Nick has complemented his "Collection" Babbles in an event for $ 250,000. When he had 6th stack and 10 players left in the game, Petrandzhelo opened with AK. Chiplider tournament Alex Foxen put him an all-in with a couple of four. Nick did not throw with a stack of 30 BB but dear koinflip lost.

Nick Petrandzhelo / Photo PokerNews

Alex Foxen’s first bracelet

8 players passed on the final day. Chiplider was Alex Foxen, who had not previously won the WSOP bracelet. The most titled player at the finale was Phil Ive – The winner of the 10 bracelets of the world series of poker. However, Ivei flew fairly as well as Daniel Zec, Martin KabrHel and Sam Soverel.

In 4th place was finished by Adrian Mateos who won the tournament last year. At the top 3 stage Alex Foxen "moved" Chris Hunicin (Q3 vs A7) and then dealt with a successful businessman but a poker lover Brandon Stephen.

Alex Foxen with Kristen Blnel / Photo PokerNews

Victory in the WSOP Superherolery Ivent allowed Alex Foxen to upgrade her own Best Cash and brought the first poker series bracelet in his career. Champion received $ 4,563 700.