Between $ 20,000 and $ 4 million. The story of a poker dawn of a medical cannabis manufacturer

Before starting Main Event WSOP 2019 American Aaron Van Blarkum only six times got to the prize area on poker tournaments. The total winnings in them hardly crossed a mark of $ 20,000. Not an exaggeration will say that in the poker world Aaron was a cheeks.

However, on the mentioned Main Event WSOP 2019, Van Blarkum finished 212, which brought him $ 50,000 at once. Within two months he wins the title at the WPT Legends of Poker, which brings him more than $ 400,000.

In a few months he finishes the second at prestigious Bahamas, where he takes almost one million dollars. Aaron immediately appears in tournaments with bay-in 50-100 thousand dollars and just "breaks" experienced professionals once after getting into the top three. Say van Blarkum rapidly broke into the poker elite – to say nothing. So where did he come from at all?

Aaron Van Blarkum / Photo: Cardplayer

The 44-year-old business owner for the production of medical cannabis, never particularly fond of tournament poker, however and novice in this game, you will actually not name it.

I’m used to private cache game in Dallas. I take part in I am 18. Sometimes I went to play Vegas for a short time, but mostly it was all happened in Dallas. It all started with a small rates of $ 1-2. However, about 10 years ago, limits have grown significantly. The usual games with blinds $ 25-50, 50-100 and even $ 100-200 in Pot-Mitimite Omah. I was never particularly interested in tournaments, it was always cache. First and foremost because tournaments are very long. To win a serious amount in a living tournament, you need to spend almost a week. I just didn’t want to spend so much time at the table. And that is why I like the Hyilorers tournaments so much. They last a day, a maximum of two.

Aaron Van Blarkum / Photo: Cardplayer

And Aaron really became a guest at all the most expensive tournaments around the world. USA, Australia, Russia…. Already this year, Van Blarkum managed to become a prize-winner at two tournaments with bay-in-in $ 50 thousand, and for two with a entrance for $ 100,000. Well and a few more "modest" success in competitions with bay-in with $ 25,000. 9 months after the iconic Main Event WSOP 2019 Aaron Van Blarkum won over $ 4 million in prize and two trophies. From Penunem, he turned into a traditional participant in the final tables of Hayrolers and became in a row with Alex Foxen, Stephen Chodvik, Nikita Bodyakovsky and other super -stars.

After quarantine, I plan to travel and continue to participate in high-rolers tournaments for at least two next years. And still want to play as many tournaments as possible for the future WSOP, if it did not happen. Actually a thing not only in king, but also in travel. Is just incredibly be in so many different places in the world and see so much of everything. So I will continue to do this for the sake of poker and for the sake of traveling.