Garrett Adelstein: Pokerist who overcame depression and conquered the highest limits

Harreta Adelstein 36 years. He gained popularity when he constantly appeared in the poker show Live at the bike, where the hystekc games were broadcast. Sometimes with his participation played multimillion -dollar banks.

The viewers were always interested in watching the American play. Permanent 3-Bits, Overbetes and Pressure on Opponents-His Business Card. But the path to Adelstein’s success was not easy and went through long and severe depression attacks.

The birth of love for poker

When Adelstein studied at school, ESPN has often broadcast poker. The young guy inspired the world’s world series in 2003 and the victory of Chris Manimayer. This event has caused the desire to become a professional player.

Like most pokerists, at the beginning of his career, Garrett conquered miclimits and preferred incomplete cache centers. Analytical Mind Warehouse allowed him to complete his studies at the University of Arizona in the specialty "Business and marketing".

Garrett Adelstein / PGT

Poker remained an important part of his life. Soon he completely switched to the discipline of hedz-up and began to climb limits. Garrett did everything alone without having friends from the poker world that could discuss and analyze distribution.

In 2006, Adelstein became one of the first instructors of poker sites, releasing a video for Deuces cracked. They turned out to be very popular, causing Phil Galfund asked to make a few rollers for Run It Once. Garret there released educational content for several years.

When it became clear that the average level of pokerists grew significantly, and it happened because of similar resources, Garrett regretted his involvement and decided to tie with coaching. By the time he had already switched to offline and was a regular hi-steak participant in casino.

Participant in Survivor reality show

One of the brightest periods in Harrette’s life was the preparation and participation in Survivor -television reality shows where heroes live on a desert island and compete in teams to provide themselves with everything you need.

Adelstein was a fan of this show. Once he discussed Survivor with a stranger at the bar. According to a strange coincidence, this person was the director of casting for the selection of participants. Thus Adelstein found an opportunity to take a look at the show. It was the embodiment of his dream.

Adelstein on Survivor Show / Photo

For over a year, Garrett forgot about poker and focused on the preparation. Survivor season with his participation was released in 2013. Everything was not the way the poterist was counting. Thanks to its excellent physical shape, he successfully performed all the tasks, but failed to adapt to intrigue inside the team itself. Adelstein was the second one whom the team sent home.

Depression and loud return

Survivor failure and poker douns have become a catalyst for Adelstein depression. The turning point became the moment he turned to a psychotherapist. For two years they worked on the causes of psychological disorders.

There were times when I could barely get up from bed for months. It was replaced by periods of happiness and productivity, but then depression returned. This cyclicality lasted for years,
– recalls Garrett Adelstein.

The help of a psychotherapist gave his fruit. After all the effort, Garrett finally felt in the soul of peace. It affected not only the quality of his life, but also the game in poker. He became a wonderful player of the highest limits.

Phoker killer’s view / PhokerNews

In 2017, Garrett appeared on the show Live at the bike, and also performed in an episode of a very popular Poker After Dark, where was able to win the bank $ 459,000 when he was handed out pocket aces against the kings of the opponent. In any cache-game where Adelstein is not appeared, he is one of the most aggressive players at the table.

Sometimes I imagine what a smart bid size should be. And then put 4 times more. It’s fun,
– recalls Garrett Adelstein.

Analytics and accurate calculations are still traced for each decision. So rivals are so hard to play against it. Garret knows when to show aggression and uses it at the moment when the opponent is weak.

Adelstein’s game always attracted attention. Here and this time one of the founders of the new season of High Stakes Poker promised that he would fight for gutt.